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Thorne Tutors is a specialist tutoring service based in the  East London and Essex area. Our team consists of skilled professionals from various industries, including an experienced qualified actuary, a secondary school teacher and an undergraduate engineering student. Thorne Tutors are therefore always the first to adapt to updates in the syllabus and mathematical techniques including the skills required for success at university and in the corporate world. Thorne Tutors have over 15 years experience of offering tuition services and over 9 years in the financial industry and currently offers the following services:

Tuition services

  • 11+ tuition including verbal and non-verbal reasoning

  • Maths, Science, and Art & Design GCSE

  • Maths A-Level

  • Adult Maths tuition

  • Primary education

  • Nursing calculation tuition

Please contact us at for more information and arrange a FREE 30 minute no obligation introduction meeting where we can understand your needs.

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